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ORDER YOUR COPY!  Day Hiking Mount Adams and Goat Rocks, by Tami Asars explores day hikes in some of Washington's most scenic and unexplored wilderness areas and leads adventurers to trails where solitude abound. Look for it on store shelves and online this spring!



ALSO AVAILABLE NOW!  "The book (Hiking the Wonderland Trail, by Tami Asars) als
o takes the mystery out of planning such an involved trip, through 90 miles of backcountry and covering 20,000 feet of ups and downs. It cuts a swath through the bureaucratic red tape of obtaining permits and tells how to have food caches waiting along the way. It also suggests 7 to 14 day camping itineraries from the three main start/endpoints: Longmire, Sunrise and Mowich Lake. Buy the book and maybe you won't be putting off this dream circuit of Mount Rainier for another year."
- The Oregonian

With detailed camp to camp descriptions, mileage & elevation charts, itineraries for both  clockwise and counterclockwise directions, full  color photos, and suggestions for shorter trips  such as the Northern and Eastside Loops, Hiking  the Wonderland Trail is packed with great  information to plan a fun and successful  adventure. 

August, 2014: Support me in Washington Trails Association's Hike-a-Thon! Radio Host Bob Rivers has joined forces with Craig Romano and I to create a fantastic fund-raising team. Here's an clip from the show:

Listen to me live on KJR's 95.7 Bob Rivers Show from Tues, June, 17, 2014!