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Interested in hiking some of the PCT in Washington State, but don't know where to start?  This guide has you in mind! Whether you have a few days or more to spend backpacking, this guide leads you to logical starting and ending points to plan your thru hike. Water source details, camping location, comprehensive trail descriptions, elevation profiles, gorgeous hand-drawn maps and over 120 full-color photos make this guide not only the best book to planning your prefect adventure, but also a delicious teaser for hiking in the majestic state of Washington. 

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Wonderland Trail by Tami Asars (brought to you by the creators of Guthook's Guides hiking guide apps,) is a premier GPS and map-based smartphone app designed to help you navigate your way along Mount Rainier's Wonderland Trail. 

Features include:

  • GPS-enabled map of the Wonderland Trail and side trails
  • 400+ waypoints (such as camps, trail junctions, natural landmarks, patrol cabins, etc) with over 500 photos
  • Offline topo mpas and satellite imagery
  • GPS-enabled elevation profile with waypoints
  • GPS-enabled data book listen got all waypoints
  • Comment enabled fields for users 

Get the book, download the app, hit the trail!


"The book (Hiking the Wonderland Trail, by Tami Asars) also takes the mystery out of planning such an involved trip, through 90 miles of backcountry and covering 20,000 feet of ups and downs. It cuts a swath through the bureaucratic red tape of obtaining permits and tells how to have food caches waiting along the way. It also suggests 7 to 14 day camping itineraries from the three main start/endpoints: Longmire, Sunrise and Mowich Lake. Buy the book and maybe you won't be putting off this dream circuit of Mount Rainier for another year."
- The Oregonian 

Day Hiking Mount Adams and Goat Rocks, by Tami Asars explores day hikes in some of Washington's most scenic and unexplored wilderness areas and leads adventurers to trails where solitude abound. From the white capped shoulders of the rugged Mount Adams to the lofty, jagged peaks of the Goat Rocks Wilderness, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

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