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Tami Asars Photography
Photos that touch are hearts and mesmerize our souls are captured in a minute and cherished for a lifetime.

My creations behind the lens have come from a cumulation of waiting patiently for  wildlife,visiting some of earth's most beautiful places, and the luck of seeing things  that  make me want to fire a shutter. Years ago, a photography professor said "take  pictures of  things that speak to you and use your camera as much as you drive your  car.  Between those  two things, you'll achieve your photographic dreams." I've  spent countless hours doing just  that.  

 My passion for photography grew into a profession in the early 90's, when I dove headfirst into  portraiture. During the years of photographing families, babies, school sports and weddings, I started straying into the backcountry with my film camera and taking my professors advice, shooting things that spoke to me. Somewhere during it all, digital cameras arrived, and I scrapped my dark room for hard drive space and memory cards. 

The challenge of photographing happy, squirmy toddlers was enjoyable, but the solitude of the forests and the creatures therein, drew me in a different direction. My new calling was advantageous and before long, my photographs were appearing in periodicals, books and news media.  My love for nature photography continues to inspire me.

Today, I enjoy writing about those places and creatures, almost as much as I enjoy the opportunity to fire my shutter in their presence. Together, the words and photos tell stories about the woodlands and the profound complexity of mother nature. I'm hopeful that through them, we can all find things that inspire and speak to us.  

Many more photos are available in my portfolio found by clicking HERE.

For photo requests, please email me at tami@tamiasars.com